adguard premium v3.6.11 apk 2021 Final + Mod Lite [Latest]

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adguard premium v3.6.11

Adguard Premium provides you with dependable and manageable security that filters loading web pages automatically and without your intervention. Adguard Premium avoids any irritating advertising, prevents harmful websites from launching, and prevents anyone from tracking the Internet habits.

Adguard Premium filters traffic without ROOT rights by using local VPN technologies. This ensures that the VPN server is built straight into your computer, without the need for extra remote connections. When you launch the programme, it automatically begins filtering all of your Internet bandwidth in a quiet and efficient manner.

When processing a web page, Adguard Premium does several things at once:

  • removes advertising and web monitoring code from the website
  • Checks an url against our directory of phishing and malicious websites.
  • Apps downloaded from obscure sites was scrutinised.

Ad Blocking

[Additional] Extended CSS and Extended Selectors are supported.

Extended CSS support is a critical addition in terms of the potential (and present) possibilities for ad blocking. Extended CSS is a plugin that allows you to apply CSS styles with extended collection properties. Essentially, it ensures that we would be able to pick and thereby block elements that we would not be able to block otherwise. At the moment, we accept the following pseudo-classes: -ext-has (:has), –ext-contains (:contains), and -ext-matches-css ( :matches-css ).

‘Extended selector’ is a scientific concept, but what does it mean? With expanded selectors help, we can far more easily build certain rules that were previously extremely difficult to create. Notably, this relates to the rules required to block things like “sponsored posts” on Facebook.

[Added] Low-level options now include ‘pref.filtered.ports’ – intermediate users will now select additional ports to filter.

[Additional] $websocket content class modifier enables the use of rules written specifically for WebSocket connections.

[Additional] $significant law modifier

[Improved] Increased overall period limit for content filtering rules

[Better] HAR file editor, which is used for debugging.

[Improved] Chrome browser QUIC-connections blocking

[Correction] $image law modifier’s inconsistent actions

UIadguard premium

[Installation date] has been added to the app information screen.
[Additional] For Android N and up, a Fast Settings tile
[Modified] When a new app is launched, the Apps Management screen is immediately changed – there is no need to restart Adguard.
[Modified] The ‘Apps and Statistics’ column has been called ‘Apps Management’ and moved to the main menu.
[Revised] In user-imported filters, the filter editor now recognises lines beginning with “!” as commentaries.
[Correction] The time style on the main screen now matches the device settings.


[Additional] [Changed] VPN restart function IPv4 connections are also prioritised over IPv6 connections.

[Correction] AT&T Wi-Fi calling

[Revised] When Adguard’s certificate is transferred to device certificate storage, Adguard detects this automatically. (Improves https filtering in Android N+)

[Correction] There is a problem with traffic slipping into the firewall.

Compatibility issues fixed:

  • * Google Allo * SoundHound * Skype
  • ru.yota.
  • * Roboform is a robot.
  • * Mail from Yandex
  • * Bria’s
  • * iTunes Music Store
  • * Google Double (video conferencing)
  • SwiftKey is a word processing programme.
  • * Panda Antivirus software
  • * is an abbreviation for

Block YouTube Ads

Follow this instructions to block YouTube ads

Cracked Info:

  • PREMIUM features Unlocked
  • No patched credits watermarks

MOD Lite:

Premium features are now available.
There will be no startup for patched watermarks.
omit the startup tutorial;
improved result (11.6 MB total apk size); optimised graphics and cleaned tools for quick load
All services have been encrypted;
Languages: English, Russian

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